Tenant-Landlord Advising Resources

California Tenants: A Guide to Residential Tenants' and Landlords' Rights and Responsibilities (PDF)

California Rural Legal Assistance
Provides free legal advice for low income tenants
21 Carr Street
(831) 724-2253

Lawyer Referral Service A non-profit which refers an attorney familiar with tenant-landlord law to tenants who do not qualify for California Rural Legal Assistance and to landlords.
(831) 425-4755

Self-Help Center of Santa Cruz County
Provides assistance for residential eviction (Unlawful Detainers), sub-leasing eviction, and Small Claims Court for both tenants and landlords.
(831) 786-7200 (option 4)

Small Claims Court information

California Courts Online Self-Help Center provides information for housing eviction, foreclosure, security deposits, and FAQs concerning these matters.

Santa Cruz County Law Library provides free online full-text pdf access to hundreds of self-help publications. "This database offers the everyday user the necessary tools and detailed “how-to” instructions to independently address a wide-range of legal issues."

There are mediation services available before you file in Small Claims Court at the Conflict Resolution Center of Santa Cruz County.  There is also mandatory mediation in court the day of your small claims hearing. More information is available in the flyers below.


UCSC Confidential Counseling Service
Counseling and Psychological Services offers currently enrolled UCSC students counseling for personal, academic, social, or family concerns.
(831) 459-2628
Monday-Friday 8:00 to 5:00