Rental Laws

California Laws 

(California Civil Codes referenced)

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  • Security Deposits (1950.5)
    Know your rights and responsibilities as it relates to your security deposits
  • Repairs and Landlord's General Obligations (California Civil Code, Sections 1941 & 1942)
    • 1941: Landlord must maintain building in condition fit for human occupation
    • 1941.1: Characteristics of a residential unit that a landlord must maintain
    • 1941.2: Tenant's responsibilities for maintaining the condition of the property
    • 1941.4: Telephone jacks and wiring
    • Contact a legal adviser before exercising the rights in the California laws regarding repairs and habitability referenced below:
      • 1942(a): Repair and deduct or vacate untenable rental
      • 1942.4Demand rent after official notice to repair
      • 1942.5Retaliation for exercising tenant's rights
  • A Tenant's Right to Privacy (1954)
    Know what your rights are regarding unwelcome or unauthorized visits from your landlord
  • Rights that can not be waived (1953)
    The following rights can not be modified or waived without voiding the lease/rental agreement
    • Privacy
    • Security Deposits
    • Habitability
    • Retaliation
  • Locks/Security Devices on Doors (1941.3)
    Landlords are obliged to install and maintain an operable dead bolt lock on each main swinging entry door of a dwelling unit.
  • Telephone Jacks and Wiring (1941.4)
    Landlords shall be responsible for installing at least one usable telephone jack and for placing and maintaining the inside telephone wiring in good working order.
  • Screening Fees for Residential Rental Units (1950.6)
    Landlord or agent may charge applicants an application screening fee to cover the actual costs of obtaining information about said applicant.
  • Landlord’s Responsibility to Provide a Copy of Rental Agreement (1962)
  • Shared Utilities (1940.9)
    Landlord must disclose if a utility meter is shared how the bill will be divided among users. This must be a mutually agreed upon arrangement and the agreement must be in writing.

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