Congratulations to the Winners of the Renters Workshop Raffle

February 27, 2017

Know your rights and responsibilities as a renter. Access numerous documents that you can use in your rental application packet to present to prospective landlords, and much, much more. Take our online Renters Workshop.

Students who take the workshop are entered into a weekly raffle to win a $50.00 gift certificate to Bay Tree Bookstore! One gift certificate is given every week now through May 31, 2017.

Alyssa Hernandez

Alyssa Hernandez, our last raffle winner this year, told us that she found the workshop an excellent "refresher" of her rights as a tenant.

Alexander Yuen

Alexander Yuen told us know he was glad to be made aware of things to consider (as he plans to move off campus), such as budgeting for utilities, parking, and gardening, etc.

R. Alonzo Rivera-Rosado

R. Alonzo Rivera-Rosado, told us he liked the information that wasn't really intuitive, like how we described specific situations in detail and what to do, especially as far as interactions with landlords are concerned.

Alexandra Oslowski

Alexandra Oslowski, not having rented on her own before, found the workshop really helpful to understand her rights as a renter, and she really appreciates our rental listings site.

Sarah Villanueva

This week's winner, Sarah Villanueva, told us she found the workshop super helpful - it made everything a lot less overwhelming.

Mikayla Martin

Mikayla Martin, told us that what she most appreciated was our resources page and sample rental packet. She found both easily accessible and appreciated that various people's circumstances were referenced so that she could see how to apply it to her own circumstances.

Austin Kellar

Austin Kellar found the sample rental application packet most useful and referred to it often. 

Joanne Dong

Joanne Dong, found that the workshop presented information she wouldn't have otherwise known, and that skipping taking it would not have been an option. Joanne really likes all the resources found throughout the workshop.

Prashanth Sampath-Kumar

Prashanth Sampath-Kumar, initially didn't know much about renting and said that the workshop really clarified things. It was especially helpful to learn the appropriate documents to provide to a landlord.


Jonah Arreola-Burl

Jonah Arreola-Burl, was considering various housing options and happy to come across the Renters Workshop. “Particularly helpful is how the questions on the workshop are placed throughout so that you stop often to think about the information you just learned.”


Alejandra Ramos

Alejandra Ramos told us, "by taking this workshop I learned a lot of info that is not taught anywhere else. I especially liked learning how to put together a rental packet that makes me look official and ready!"

Casey Chen

Casey Chen told our staff that the information explaining the different types of rental contracts and how they work was really appreciated.

Dylan Meek

Dylan Meek, was glad to learn what to have available when looking at a rental and how to discuss the prospective living situation. Before Dylan had no context for this information prior to taking the workshop. In addition, the questions to ask about a rental were found especially useful.

Tara Hilliard

Our raffle winner for the week of March 1, Tara Hilliard, said that the advice on what to do at move-in and at move-out - for example, be sure to do a walk-through before leaving the rental, was especially helpful.

Kyle Kim

Our first raffle winner, Kyle Kim, tells us that it was really helpful to see examples of multiple situations that you might run into, and then to be told about what to do.