When to Look for Fall Housing

Plan your off-campus housing search

The Community Rentals Office is a student’s best resource for finding off-campus housing in Santa Cruz. Following these tips can help you plan a successful off-campus rental search.

February – March:

It’s too early to begin searching for fall housing, but there are steps you should take to prepare.

  • Renters Workshop. Complete our free online course to learn your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, how to protect your security deposit, and receive a Certificate of Completion to show landlords you are a knowledgeable prospective tenant.
  • Research. Gain familiarity with the rental market and get a sense of cost.
  • Assess your needs. Consider the location, price, and which features you value most so that you can act quickly when you find the right place.
  • Reference Release. Do this easy online step to authorize university housing staff to serve as a rental reference on your behalf.
  • Rental Application Packet. Create a packet for you and your prospective housemates using forms and resources available on our website. Make extra copies so you’re ready to apply when a rental becomes available.
  • Talk to friends about your plans…lots of students find housing by word of mouth!

April, May and early June

  • Search listings. Landlords who know their property will become available in September begin to advertise. A new listings may be added daily. Additional listings will become available during the summer as landlords receive notice from current tenants and need to advertise; these listings usually appear approximately 30 days before the rental is available for move-in.
  • Tip! With the rental listings on Places4Students.com, you can set up a Smart Search to find listings that match your preferences and to get email notification when new matching listings are posted.
  • Also on Places4Students.com, you can use the Roommate Finder to connect with other UCSC students looking for off-campus housing and set up your own roommate profile so other UCSC students can find you!

July – September

  • If you don’t secure a rental during the spring or early summer, you need to intensify your housing search by the start of August (earlier if you have special requirements).
  • If necessary, re-assess your needs. Flexibility in your price range, preferred location, and/or preferred features may open up new possibilities.
  • Reach out to friends…lots of students find housing by word of mouth!