Why Take the Renters Workshop

Delphine The Community Rentals Office is one of the most life-changing resources offered at this school. I know my life would have been very different had I taken their Renters Workshop before moving off campus.

This is my story…

I moved my sophomore year to a house a friend found. The deposit was very small and the landlord allowed dogs. Thrilled at having found a house, I did not notice the heater was broken, that some of the windows didn't close and other sorted oddities. I should have been wary of the fact that the landlord never left us any contact information. I didn't know that a $100 deposit was ridiculously low nor did I realize the landlord would move into a shed in the backyard and stay there for almost two months.

At first, I thought I was living an adventure and I would manage to ignore all these problems but when we attempted to fix things, the landlord refused to reimburse us and we would take the money spent on repairs out of our rent. When this happened, the landlord sent us threatening letters. My last day was my worst: the landlord came back to tell me he was suing me and evicting my housemates. He claimed I owed him $2,000 in damages, stolen rent and stress. I broke down, exhausted by his lies and bad faith. Later, it was no surprise to find out that CRO refuses to advertise his rental. I wasn’t the first student who had a horrible experience with him.

I had no idea CRO would have helped me find a decent room and landlord. Had I taken the CRO workshop, I would never have moved into the house. The CRO workshop educates students on how to protect themselves from these problems and make safe choices today and later in life.