Rental Application Packet

A Rental Application Packet provides the landlord comprehensive information about you and those in your group. A good packet helps you stand out as a prospective tenant.

Here's what to include:

Cover Letter: Give an overview of yourself, and if applying as a household, give an overview of your group by providing information to introduce yourself and/or your group. It is important to take this opportunity to speak about your interest in the rental and your ability to be a responsible tenant(s). If applying for a room in shared housing, use the cover letter to share some of your lifestyle preferences with the current tenant(s). If you have a credit report or letter of guarantee, mention that here.

Rental Application (PDF): Fill it out neatly and completely. Follow the instructions on the second page of the form.

Rental Resume (Microsoft Word): Use our sample as a guide for creating your own.

Rental References:

  • Housing Reference Release: This online form authorizes university housing staff to serve as a rental reference for your on-campus rental payment history.
  • How to check a rental reference for a UCSC student (PDF): Fill in and give this form to potential landlords so they will have the information needed to check your on-campus references.
  • If possible, get written references from a current or previous employer and include them in your packet. 

Renters Workshop certificate: Many landlords and property managers accept this certificate as a type of “reference”. Many will not rent to undergraduates without it. Complete the online Renters Workshop and quiz to receive your certificate.

Photograph (optional): You may also choose to include a photo of each applicant in your application packet. Landlords see a lot of prospective tenants and photos can help them remember who you are and personalize your application packet.

Be careful about sharing confidential information

The items below contain personal confidential information

Letter of Guarantee (PDF): Many landlords who rent to students require a co-guarantor for the rent. Mention in your cover letter that you will provide one upon request and have the form filled out and ready to go, but only give to landlords seriously considering your application.

Credit report: Get a credit report on yourself. No credit is better than bad credit so even a credit report with no history is of some value. Free credit reports are available at Many landlords and most professional property managers will want to use the credit reporting company they are accustomed to, but having one ready may get you through the “first cut.” Make note in your cover letter that you have one available but DO NOT include it in the packet; only provide it if requested.

Download a Sample Rental Application Packet (PDF)